1 inch Wristbands - for Sports and Events

2 types of 1" wristbands are available at our shop; ATHLETIC quality and EVENT quality. With high cotton material, you feel comfortable wearing either type of our 1 inch wrist bands. Both types of wristbands are made of erastic stretch fabric, so they fit anybody's wrists, no matter you have wide or thin wrists. For kids and adults, one inch wristbands are a great idea. They are affordable, quality and come in exciting colors. The 1" wristband is perfect for field trips or any activity where you need to keep track of people. Go to an amusement park with your family and strap on some 1 inch wristbands to help keep everyone together. Our 1in wristbands shop is in Los Angeles county, California. We ship orders swiftly and shipping takes about 2-5 days to Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, and Massachusetts, and other states in USA.